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content is king

“Content is King!” You’ll hear that saying repeatedly — however, your B2B marketing team must understand that not all content is created equal. A B2B content marketing strategy is quite different from the typical B2C content marketing strategy due to the vast difference between audience members.

Before diving into building…

When some marketing teams hear the term PPC marketing, they cringe a little bit. That’s because they’ve been groomed to believe that PPC marketing is an ineffective marketing tactic that will simply tank your brand’s credibility. While many B2C consumers may not prefer the use of PPC ads, the same…

If you’re interested in the advantages of creating a B2B e-commerce website, then you’re looking to drive sales and increase your profits. However, when it comes to creating your storefront, you need to understand some significant differences between your customers and the typical B2C consumer.

B2B E-Commerce vs. B2C E-Commerce Website: What is the Difference?

Before diving into the advantages…

For many marketing professionals, content is the same no matter which way you approach it. Unfortunately, that’s a poor approach to content marketing. That’s because there is a difference between B2B and B2C content marketing.

Defining B2B vs. B2C

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. Before you can talk about the difference…

Laura Martin CadenceSEO

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